Leaving Taiwan & We Need Your Help!

Our contracts end on July 14, and we will land in Springfield on July 19. We plan to come back to the US for about five months to visit family, organize our next move, and save money before setting sail for Latin America (Ecuador tops the list, for now) where we will continue our English teaching adventures. ¡Hurra!

But we need your help! We’re looking for tips, opportunities, connections, and support in finding cheap housing, short-term work, and dealing with reverse culture shock.

Here are some details on how you can help us, and how we might be able to help you or someone you know!

We're looking for cheap housing

We are absolutely prepared to give up some luxuries to save some dough on housing.

We’re looking for a place that will afford us a short term contract, a bed we can both sleep in, a shower, and a way to get high-speed internet. I will be teaching English online, so that last one is a must. Other than that, we don’t have many requirements other than cheap. Even better, if you know someone who wants to barter some housing for any of our professional skills, we are open to that as well.

how you can help

Keep your ears peeled and your eyes to the ground!

If you know someone who is connected to the housing market, feel free to share our information.

If you see something pop-up online that might be a good fit for us, shoot us an email.

The more “feelers” we have out there, the better chance we have of finding what we need, and maybe even helping someone else fill a need of their own. Check the bottom of the About Us page for contact info.

I am looking for short term work

Kylie has experience in bartending and serving, so she should have no trouble jumping back into some good paying work. As for me, while I am confident in my credentials to land a long-term job in my field, finding short-term work may prove more difficult. For those of you who haven’t been keeping up with my every step on Facebook, I’ll give you a quick rundown of my skills and experience
  • DJ/MC (radio/club/wedding – 7 years experience)
  • Actor (commercial/film/theatre/voice over – Over 10 years experience
  • Marketing, Public Relations, Journalism and related skills – (4 years experience)
    • i.e. Graphic Design, Writing, Front-end Web Development, Online Presence Management (including social media), event management, etc.
I can even do some magic tricks for your kid’s birthday party if you pay me enough. Haha, just kidding (not kidding, I do magic. Call me.) For a more exhaustive list of my experience and education, check out my LinkedIn page.

How you can help

Again, keep your eyes and ears peeled for us.

We need connections, ideas, and opportunities. If you or someone you know is connected in business or entertainment, let us know. Share this post. Share our contact info.

Keep our situation in the back of your mind and if any opportunity pops up on your radar no matter how small you think it may be, give us a shout. You never know what might be the perfect fit! Check the bottom of the About Us page for contact details!

Dealing with reverse culture shock

The psychology of culture shock is well-documented. When you go through a massive change in environment, your mind and body get confused and frustrated, and it can lead to depression, isolation and exhaustion. The same is true for reverse culture shock.

We’ve adapted to a new way of life here. We’ve become accustomed to a totally new environment: new patterns, new routines, new cracks in the ceiling, new creaks in the floor.

All the big and little things we take for granted about our environment are about to be completely upset. While we do have better coping skills to deal with reverse culture shock than we did the initial shock of moving to Taiwan, the transition will still present unique challenges.

how you can help

Mostly what we need from you on this is support, patience, and understanding.

Culture shock and reverse culture shock are much deeper and more nuanced than people imagine. They affect people in different and often surprising ways.

If you want to know more about this topic, check out this article from the US state department.

Finally, do you know someone else in the Springfield area who has returned from overseas or will be returning soon? Send us their contact info! We would love to talk to them. We can help support each other.

Why are we doing all this?

We have absolutely enjoyed our time in Taiwan. It is an incredible country with warm and generous people. It has been a life-changing experience we will never forget.

But life is short, and the world is a big place, so we want to get on with seeing more of it. This experience has made us healthier, happier, and stronger people. We are ready to let a new culture expand our horizons even further.

Plus, we really want to learn Spanish!

We will miss Taiwan dearly, and we certainly hope to return someday, but for now, our journey continues.

Once again – Wandering We Go!

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